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I don't often post things like this on my blog; that's what my Pinterest is for!however, I've decided to grow out my fringe (for now at least, I'm so finickity that I'll probably end up cutting it back in!) and I have been sourcing 'grown out fringe' inspiration via the site. It's terribly easy to spend hours pinning away; I love a Sixties reference, any sniff of Alexa and a good cat eye flick so it's been ever so easy to start filling a board up quickly!

I have accumulated a lot of images of 60's actresses (Brigitte and Francois feature as the French contingent along with the ever wonderful Barbra) as well as yet more adored French women (Lou, Clemence) and obviously Alexa who should definitely have been French but the fact that she's not gives me confidence that 'the look' is still attainable even if you weren't actually born there.

I love the swept fringe pinned to one side but up until last year, from the age of 16 I had a side fringe so I am trying to go for a central parting but quite soft; like Alexa's, not too stark. It's a good look to try whilst growing out a blunt fringe because it appears to be quite natural, I don't need to clip it or pin it, I just need to not cut it. My fringe does grow out quickly so I'm hoping it will get past the annoying stage of just being too long to be a fringe quite soon!

XO Amie
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