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Jellies from Mel, Marc JacobsMoschino and Jason Wu for Mel

Jellies are such an enigma to me. I wonder whether I can get away with them at the age of 30, when this is a trend I distinctly remember from my childhood years; I definitely had some JuJu Jellies (pink, slip on kind) which if I'd kept hold of would a) be classed as vintage and b) also quite high fashion right now. I think I also had some glittery ones, or I wanted a pair at least!

I have a few friends who wear them and look really cool but I don't know if I could make that look work for me. Certainly in plain black, and looking like a slightly shiny gladiator, they are definitely easier to wear than anything pink or glittery, and actually in a ballet pump style, even more up my street!

I am a big fan of simple sandals and probably that's why I adore this pastel Marc Jacobs pair. Expensive for a jelly shoe, essentially, but very cute and almost on the right side of pale pink to be considered nude, they would look cool with black skinnies, I reckon. I also love the lattice effect of the Jason Wu for Mel pair which remind me of a pair of woven shoes I wore out and then have never been able to replace, a really easy to wear shape which would go with many different looks.

I saw a pair of Jimmy Choo ballet pumps done in jelly once and I actually really liked them, and they were similar in style to this Moschino pair. I think the gold hardwear on these makes them look quite luxe and I love ballet shoes anyway so they would be something I would be sure to wear, despite the jelly-shoe connotations.

What do you think of jellies?

XO Amie
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