Ripped Knees & Shredded Hems

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Jeans Topshop Belt, Bag, Shirt, Jewellery Vintage Shoes Les Tropeziennes

I picked this shirt up in a Weston charity shop due to my affiliation with luxe fabrics and this is washed silk and cost £3. It's oversized, and I feel as though I could have bought it in Urban Outfitters for about £40 which isn't why I like it, I just think that it's so easy to find 'vintage' items for a much more affordable price than a place like UO would have you believe. I washed it in the machine on a wool wash, ironed it and it's in perfect condition, I wouldn't normally pick something patterned but I love the colours of this which are really very me with all the beige and cream tones. 

It also nicely de-Hurleys my white jeans, but which I mean, dissolves any 'Liz Hurley' connotations that come with a pair of white skinnies. The rippy knees and unfinished hems helped towards that too. Liz loves to rock a white jean, usually with a court shoe and booby top so this look is the antithesis of that, certainly. I bought these for my holiday to Spain, and wore them more than I thought they would. I paired them with a black silk cami most times and threw a leopard print coat over the lot for the easiest look ever. 

My accessories are all vintage from varying chazzas, I've got  a  great collection of belts and jewellery picked up for pence here and there. This belt is a recent rediscovery after a whole bag of belts I had hanging in the wardrobe suddenly ripped, spilling all the belts out which was annoying but useful as I forgot I had this one. I think it's Cavalli despite looking like a faux-Chanel, it's actually very beautiful and really, belts are the easiest thing to buy in a charity shop because there are always loads of great ones!

These simple shoes have also been working hard in my shoedrobe during the sunny spell of late, they are such a simple style but I am starting to like those cuts the best, they are easy and very comfortable and, classic tan sandals, go with everything. A definite summer shoe must-have!

XO Amie

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