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greenfinch in bristol
topshop woven shoes
the whitepepper dress rayban sunglasses topshop shoes straw fedora hat
the whitepepper dress pieces bag sailor dress
kestrel in bristol
greenfinch in bristol
whitepepper dress sailor topshop shoes

Dress The Whitepepper Bag Pieces Shoes Topshop 

Another sunny day spent in the great outdoors, spotting kestrels and greenfinches in their natural habitat. I wore this The Whitepepper Sailor dress on holiday to Spain but only a couple of times, enough to spill icecream down the front of it which luckily didn't stain! It's such a pretty dress and I love the style and the fit.

I wore it with these woven shoes from Topshop which I love but rarely wear because the leather transfers its colour to your skin, leaving my feet black! I wore them to Primavera festival a couple of nights because they were comfy, so I thought until they rubbed a mega blister on my toe. So I think wearing them in, little and often, is going to be the way forward! (If I can deal with the black feet!)

The Whitepepper is a brand I really like, but it can be quite expensive. I've bought the brand through ASOS which is where I seem to find the best bargains; this dress was about £20 I think despite originally retailing for about £60, so it's definitely worth shopping around to find the best deals. I am always impressed by the quality and materials used in their designs, this dress is super lightweight but also fully lined so it hangs beautifully. Check the brand out if you haven't heard of it before, they have some amazing designs.

XO Amie
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