DIY: Glossybox Storage Chest

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DIY Glossybox Makeup Storage Chest

A slightly different DIY post in that I'm not making anything clothing related, but I discovered a handy method to upcycle Glossyboxes into a cute DIY drawer storage unit over on a blog that I follow, so I thought I'd give it a go myself. My tutorial probably isn't as clear as the one I used to make this, so feel free to click over here to see that, which is much better!

You'll need 4 old Glossyboxes and their lids,
Scissors (or preferably a scalpel) 
And the will to carry on...!

I thought this would be super easy but it was surprisingly difficult and, in some places, mega awkward. Also trying to photograph the work in progress also proved practically impossible. So sorry about that!

To begin: Take the base of one Glossybox, and chop off the sides to leave just a plain rectangle. This forms the 'base' of the storage unit. Next, take the lid, and cut off one of the long sides. Repeat this step with a second lid to create the 'sides' of the unit. Glue these to the base piece as pictured. I used UHU glue but this wasn't really strong enough and a bit of a faff so probably hot glue gun glue or superglue would be better if you have it!

To make the back of the unit, take a second lid and open it out flat. Cut off both short sides and also the two long sides but only where the pink edging shows. This will leave a slightly wider piece that fits neatly onto the back of the unit.

Slot the drawers into the unit, and make some handles using ribbon and scissors to punch through the drawer. Glue another lid upside down onto the top of the unit to stabilise it and also to give you another storage option on the top of the chest.

And that's it! This was quite a tricky DIY, and I think if I'd used a scalpel to cut the edges as opposed to scissors I would have got a cleaner edge. But it's a useful unit for makeup storage for no cost, and useful to use up any spare Glossyboxes you might have lying around!

What do you think of this DIY?

XO Amie
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