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ipad, ipad case, fabric

iPad Case c/o Three

When I was given the opportunity to review an iPad case, I jumped at the chance. I bought Adrian an iPad for his 30th birthday two years ago and since then, it's been in constant use. It's so handy, much easier for checking emails or online shopping from the comfort of the sofa, without having to boot up the computer! It's even come on holiday and it has loads of games on it, as well as Netflix which is (for those who don't know) a subscription service for film and TV shows that you can watch directly from your iPad.

I was just browsing Netflix for films to watch and it makes suggestions for shows or films you might like. I kept seeing 'Orange is the new Black' in the sidebar and I kept dismissing it, thinking it was going to be some low budget, Prisoner Cell Block H type affair, and basically not really my cup of tea. It's a series made for Netflix and it's been really hyped up, I've seen a lot about it in the press, but it wasn't until I read the story of Piper Kerman, whom the series is based on, that I decided to give it a go.

After one episode, I was obsessed. I watched the first season over a couple of weeks and then completely binge-watched the second season. It is amazing, definitely the best drama series I've seen in a very long time. I hadn't heard of any of the actresses in the program, but they are all brilliant, and despite a few noticeable continuity issues (it is a budget show) I was completely hooked-I just finished the end of the second season today and I am already trying to find out when season three will hit!

When I bought the iPad I got a basic stand up case to go with it, but this one is really sweet. I love the simple 'clip' design and it's really well made. It has thick padding inside to protect the iPad and it also has a small pocket which you could use for cables or leads. 

You can see more iPad cases and accessories, as well as a selection of iPad's an tablets on Three here.

XO Amie
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