Charity Shop Find of the Week #7

black leather vintage ankle boots lace up alexa festival
charity shop find ankle boots vintage alexa chung lace up

Black leather boots £12 charity shop

I know, I am obsessed with black ankle boots. I'm not sure what it is; I have several pairs already but I can't resist a good ankle boot; I have different pairs that look good with different things, for example, some look better with dresses, some with skinny jeans, etc.

I spotted these on a display shelf in the chazza and took them down to have a look. They are rather trashed but in a good way; the leather is all worn in and supple and they are quite unusual with the lace up detail and brogue patterning on the front. I tried them on with a dress and they looked really good, sometimes ankle boots can cut your legs off at a weird point but these don't do that at all, in fact they were really flattering. Usually once I've got to the point of trying something on I know I'm going to get it, so I now have another pair of black ankle boots. But hey, they're always useful!

XO Amie
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