Instagram Week #21


Shoe perfection // sunset // Revlon overload // Rainy // M&S treats // new scarf // More lipsticks // new backpack // shellac

This last week has been a good one despite the total mishmash of weather! I don't mean to always refer to the weather in these posts but it is difficult not to with the extremes that have been occurring! One minute it's beautifully warm and sunny, the next, monsoon season! I think also it's a very 'Instagram' thing to do, snap pics of either the sky or your dinner, and as I am a crap cook, the sky it is!

It's been a beauty focused week for me too as I have jumped on the Revlon bandwagon and snapped up not one, but two of their scented nail polishes. I haven't even tried the second one I bought yet because in between buying them, I did a shellac manicure so that will have to wait until I've taken it off. I chose a pale grey for my shellac which matched up perfectly to the Sardonyx stone on the ring I got for my 30th. I love the colour and despite shellac being a faff to apply and remove (I do my own) it does give gloss and longevity that no nail polish I've ever used can compare to.

I had seen many a blogger raving about the Revlon 'lip butter' lipsticks too but didn't really go in for them, until I tried the scented nail polish and saw that the lip butters were on offer, so I bought one (candy apple) and have been obsessed with it. I might review it in a later post but I liked the colour and texture so much I bought another one in the colour 'tutti frutti' which is essentially the same just slightly more orange. I love them! The only bad remark I could make is that they are really difficult to open! 

I got some lovely bits from M&S this week too. I'm prepping a couple of blog posts around them so I will show them all properly soon, but I had to Instagram the accessories I got because they are amazing. I am really liking the M&S limited collection, which is a lower price pointed, more fashion forward range of items; basically, just my cup of tea!

XO Amie
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