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I haven't blogged in three days simply because I've been so busy! Working and blogging is a hard combination to juggle sometimes, and often by the time I get home I can't bring myself to spend the time I like to write a good post to upload. I don't want to be posting anything I'm not totally happy with and sometimes if I've rushed to get a post together I only end up deleting it if I am not feeling it when I read it back a couple of days later...quality over quantity, I think!

On Friday I went to see Oliver Wilde at Colston Hall in Bristol which was amazing. Oliver is so talented, his band is fantastic, and it's so good to see your friend do so well and get such a great reception. You might remember the video that I starred in last year, you can take a look here if you haven't and also check out Oli's music, it's brilliant.

I worked all weekend but still managed to cram in some charity shopping. I have already shown the Nike Air Force Ones I picked up for £4.99 and I'm going to have to do some more 'charity shop find' posts because it has been a good week for charity shop bargains! I now need to have a good sort out of my wardrobe and get rid of loads of things back to the chazza's which I think I will try and do tomorrow.

I also got some new hair care bits to try, I've been using the James Brown heat defence spray to great success (it smells really good and also seems to make my hair softer after drying it, if I hairdryer it sans heat defence spray it just gets frazzled) The James Brown range was on offer in Boots last week at 2 for £6, which is rather nonsensical considering each of the products I bought were priced at £7 each! Definitely an offer to take up!

XO Amie
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