Tromp L'oeil

persunmall jumper dress
persunmall jumper dress
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persunmall jumper dress
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topshop coat persunmall jumper dress chelsea boots

Wearing: Topshop coat Whistles jeans Betty London boots ASOS sunglasses H&M hat Quiksilver denim shirt Tromp L'oeil jumper c/o Persunmall

Regular readers might remember the 'wishlist' post I talked about a while back, featuring some pieces from online store Persunmall. They were kind enough to send me one of the items I had picked out; although there is a bit of a sizing issue as this longline top was allegedly a jumper dress; now, there's no way I could wear this as a dress without flashing my pants-it's super short, but that's ok as it works nicely as a jumper over skinnies too. It's a nice knit and I love the tromp l'oeil (trick of the eye, but it sounds so much nicer in French) bag detail, it's what attracted me to it in the first place. You can buy one here if you like but if you want to wear it as a dress I would recommend to size up so you get a bit more length!

It's been a really handy transitional item because it's still flipping freezing, even when the sun shines, although this Toppers coat is the one I usually reach for in warmer weather; the light boucle and collar detail make it a bit less wintery than the other black or camel alternatives. I feel I'm almost at leather jacket weather, but I'm not sure if it's right just yet; I do hang on until the last possible moment to commit to summer staples like lightweight jackets/bare legs/toes out because once you commit, you don't want to have to go back to winter garments. But, April is almost here, and sunshine/clocks changing brings hope of warmer days to come!

XO Amie
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