Instagram Week #9


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Last week was so changeable in terms of weather, at the start of the week I was wearing a much lighter weight jacket but by the end my greatcoat had come back out again. I am so sick of winter clothes now, but I am also cold most of the time, so until the weather turns properly, I'll have to make do!

I attended the #BrizBlogMeet on Sunday and it was such a great event; there were so many bloggers there, some whose blogs I read and some who I hadn't heard about before but am now following! I'm actually going to dedicate an entire post to this so keep checking back!

Speaking of posts, I also thought I'd do an updated 'what's in my bag' so that's going to go up soon too. I got this really simple satchel from Pieces, which is just lovely but really, really small; you can't fit hardly anything in it but it's making me streamline what I carry around with me on a daily basis (and is a step up from my Primark dog tote bag!)

Hope you had a good week too!

XO Amie
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