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Well, last week was a busy one and I managed to cram a lot in, including two blogging events; I know, isn't it funny-they're like buses; nothing for ages and then two at once. The second event I attended (the #BrizBlogMeet being the first, read about that here) was the Harvey Nichols 'Beauty School Drop Out' event. I went along with my friend and fellow blogger Dulcie and had a really wonderful evening, I'll be posting about it soon but the highlight of the night for me was meeting Helen Adams from Big Brother 2 who was randomly there too! Amazing. There were some wonderful art students there illustrating people and I was lucky enough to have both of them draw me!

The weather was so lovely at the end of the week (Sunday in particular) that Adrian and I went for a stroll which turned into a 4 mile walk, with a picnic thrown in; it almost felt like summer and it felt strange but very pleasant to not have to wear a coat! I couldn't remember how long it had been since I felt the sun on my face! It reminded me of being away on holiday, which was almost a year ago! Definitely time for some more sunshine, please! We stopped for an ice cream which wasn't very nice at all, I think as we've both been raised on Hockings, nothing else compares! (if you're from Devon, you'll understand!)

I finished off the last of the chocolate BAFTA confections that I'd been given after the BAFTA awards ceremony Adrian and I attended a couple of weeks ago. They were delicious! I was going to keep them, but I thought I'd probably end up just throwing them away when they went bad. So I ate them instead! 

XO Amie
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