Glossybox March Edition

With the onset of spring heralded by the better weather, I always like to look at my makeup routine and see if I can change it up a little. Who am I kidding? I am not a seasonal-makeup-look-person, I have a very simple, everyday makeup which comprises black eyeliner, red lipstick, and little else. I've just begun to think about contouring following some tips from Benefit, but I'm not the type of person who would change their look with the changing of the weather!

I think Glossybox have produced their March offering with people like me in mind. Far from being my usual ranty post, I was actually quite impressed with the contents of the box this month. When you subscribe to Glossybox, you complete a questionairre about yourself, where you can indicate you hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, etc. I guess this is to ensure that you are sent products that are relevant to you; and sometimes I think they get this right, and at others I think they miss the mark (like with last months brown lipstick!)

With this in mind, it would appear that Glossybox have tried to tailor the items I received, this time, more to my personal style. The items are all, to me, useful, useable and relevant, which is rather unusual on the Glossybox front when you consider the outlandish and sometimes random items I have been becoming used to getting. 

The first item I'm really pleased with; this Mitchell & Peach body lotion. I love a nice body lotion and this one smells amazing and absorbs quickly. The sachets of fake tan are probably the wooden spoon of this box for me; I don't use fake tan as it is and two measly sachets don't seem like very much, but on the plus side I have heard a lot about this brand, Vita Liberata is lauded amongst beauty bloggers as one of the best fake tans on the market so I might try it to see what all the fuss is about. I'm unlikely to rebuy it, however, the full size costs around £40!

Something that I would be usually likely to sneer at is this Dove hair repair treatment shot, which I don't feel really deserves a place in a luxury beauty box, but however, my hair at the moment is in terrible condition-it's really dry from a) being bleached and b) the constant battle between central heating and the freezing wind outside. So I am actually quite looking forward to trying this out!

Finally, a couple of makeup products! They are also both full sized, the BellaPierre product being worth over £12. It's a multiuse product that can be mixed with lipgloss or even nail polish to custom create your own makeup; I really like the shimmery, pale shade and I'll probably use it as a lid colour. I tend to wear pale coloured eyeshadows to offset the dark liner I like to use, so it will be handy to try. Secondly, the Sleek pout polish, which retails for £4.95, is a tinted lipbalm, which, again, is always handy to have in your handbag; I've tried this one and can't discern any colour payoff at all, it swatches out quite peachy as it appears in the post but disappears to nothing at all on application. However, it's still a product I will use so it's not a total waste!

XO Amie
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