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When I was putting this post together I was almost certain I'd talked about Ugg boots on my blog before. However, I can't seem to find the post; I got these boots in the Autumn of last year and I haven't really worn them all that much; it's not that I don't like them, because I do (ridiculously warm/comfortable) but I have always found them quite difficult to style; in addition, being as they are made of absolutely buttery soft suede, they aren't the most practical 'wet weather' footwear.

I subscribe to Vogue and Elle, and this month both issues contained an Ugg Australia Bulletin. This took the form of a short newspaper, showing Ugg boots and shoes worn by such icons of style as Suki Waterhouse, Natalie Hartley and Bip Ling. I love it when brands take the time to take a renewed look at their target market and react accordingly; for so long Ugg was synonymous with juicy couture tracksuited wags, and had been so widely and unforgivingly copied that I felt the brand had lost its edge. 

It's so pleasing, then, to see this short 'zine showcasing the collective styles of several iconic women, all of whom have a very different way of dressing, all rocking varying pairs of Ugg boots (in varying colours!) with aplomb. I was particularly interested to read the thoughts of Suki and Natalie, who I feel have a more classic, grown-up style of a kind I try to attain, showing that it was possible to wear Uggs and still feel on trend; something I have long since failed to associate with this brand.

I decided to get a pair of black Uggs from Spartoo simply for practicality; I walk to work and I thought they would be a comfortable and useful alternative to trainers for the commute. After reading this publication, however, I'm all set to start wearing them with leather dungarees and a white shirt!

What do you think of the Ugg brand? Overdone, or still chic?

XO Amie
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