Cat Face

Wearing: Cat face jumper c/o Rose Wholesale, Phase Eight coat, Whistles jeans, Wojas boots, Urban Outfitters bag, French Connection headband

For someone who doesn't even really like cats all that much (well, I do, but I'm more of a dog person, to be honest) I sure do have a lot of things with cats on them. They do make a cute print, that's for sure, and when I saw this cat face jumper on Rose Wholesale I was really keen to get my hands on it. I think it's the Harry Hill-esque collar that drew me to it, as well; I love a collar and I love navy blue so this combination was definitely a winner. The only thing I don't like so much about it, is that it's very long in the body, I had to fold it up and secure it on the sides with hairpins (so fashion) otherwise it was a really awkward length and bunched up over my belt, cutting my legs off at the widest point and generally being totally unflattering. I like it folded up, though, I might have to make an attempt at permanently taking it up with my sewing machine! It's available to buy here.

I had some money left on a Phase Eight gift card I'd won and when I visited one of my local stores recently I found this coat. It's so lovely; it's got no collar, unlike most of my other coats, and the fabric is more that of a heavyweight coatigan than a proper coat. Typically I fell in love with this when I had already spent the majority of my gift card, I only had £4 to put towards it but I did have some leftover Christmas money to spend so I used that and then paid the difference. I love this coat, it's such a chic style and it was reduced to £65 from £150 so that's a good bargain! You can still buy it online, if you want to, here.

I haven't worn these Wojas boots for a little while as I've been preferring the Betty London ones I got a couple of weeks ago, but these still win hands down for comfort. I can't believe how worn in they are looking, they had definitely been my go-to winter footwear until the chelsea boots usurped them. I have rarely been able to find flat boots that work for me-I'm not sure if it's because I'm not very tall, so I always feel they make me took a bit stumpy, but I don't find that with these or the Betty London ones, and as such, I've been wearing them non stop, in rotation!
XO Amie
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