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I took these pics to share on a 'Face of the Day' post just after Christmas and I never got around to posting them, I know it must have been from around then because you can see my eyebrows. My fringe has got so long now they are totally obscured, I'm definitely going to have to get it cut this week. Why does fringe hair grow so much faster than the rest of the hair on your head? Mystery!

This is a typical everyday face for me. I am quite unadventurous when it comes to daily makeup looks, I can literally get ready in about 15 minutes, maybe it's because I wear this look so often I've become adept at swinging it on really quickly!

I do a basic base using a Maybelline or Max Factor foundation, which ever one I'm using at that time. I usually set it with powder but I've found I don't have to with the Max Factor one-I can't remember the exact kind but I will check and add it in later!
EDIT: It's the Max Factor 3-in-1 foundation, a tester of which I received in a goody bag from a blogging event, I will definitely be purchasing the full size when it runs out!

My eyes are the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'on and on bronze', so many bloggers and youtubers have raved about this colour and it really is a perfect neutral with just enough metallic to make it a little bit more interesting for daytime.

I've stepped away from my usual brow routine; as opposed to just filling them in with pencil I now use an angled brush and a shade from my MUA Undressed palette which I think gives a softer look. I do sharpen them up with a pencil afterwards but it makes the overall look a lot less harsh but still gives the definition I like.

I am using my favourite YSL lipstick a lot lately, it's a reddy pink shade that is great for day to day as it is really moisturising and also long lasting. It's quite a natural bright, if that makes sense-not too attention grabbing but a really wearable and pretty shade. I think it was quite pricey but definitely worth the investment!

XO Amie
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