Product Review: Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation

Foundation is such a dealbreaker for me. It's one of those things that, until you start using it, you don't realise the difference it can make to your face, for bad as well as good. I remember my first foray into foundation use; I didn't have a clue about shade, consistency, what I wanted from the product, I just wanted to use it. (I'm sure I didn't need to as I had quite good skin when I was younger!) I can distinctly recall feeling, after smoothing this gloopy beige liquid onto my face with my fingers, that I was wearing a really greasy mask. Which I suppose it is, in a way, (a mask, it shouldn't be greasy if you have the right one!) but the last thing you want is to feel your foundation, it should blend and be enhancing to your features, not obscuring them.

Over the years I've tried many a different foundation, from a £2.99 drugstore brand to a £27 makeup counter purchase. Some have fared better than others, in honesty, the one I've always used up until recently was very expensive, the £27 Double Wear from Estee Lauder. I loved this foundation, even if after two bottles I decided I was wearing the wrong colour and got re-matched (they colour matched me in the first place but I still ended up wearing a shade darker than I should have been). The way it felt on my skin and the coverage was something I'm yet to find better elsewhere, despite many a try!

I've also been a big fan of BB creams. Well, I loved the two Dr Jart ones I received in my Glossyboxes over the course of the year, and I also purchased and then repurchased a Boots Time Delay one. I think these are more suitable for the summer, when a heavier coverage really isn't required, but as the autumn and winter months roll back around I feel I'd like something that gives a little more coverage and a little less sheen.

I've recently been using the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin foundation which is a fairly new release and promises to deliver a flawless finish whilst also evening skin tone to give better looking skin in 3 weeks. About a week in, I am really impressed with this foundation. It applies well, it's a smooth liquid consistency that dries to a flawless, not powdery, finish. I really like the coverage it gives, it's medium to full but not cakey at all, and certainly not greasy (my pet hate in a foundation!) My skin is dry to combination but this has definitely helped to reduce the midday shiny t-zone I suffer from occasionally. 

I am wearing shade 005 light beige, which at this time of year is about perfect for my skin but would be a shade too light with a tan. It actually reacts well to my own skin tone and blends in nicely without leaving tidemarks and it doesn't transfer, again a huge bonus because there's nothing worse than makeup marks all over a favourite top. Estee Lauder used to tell me that Double Wear wouldn't transfer but it always did, I could live with it though as the foundation was so good!

Overall I am really happy with this foundation and will definitely consider repurchasing it when it's finished. What foundation do you wear?

XO Amie
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