Penelope Chilvers Vs. ASOS

Ever since I posted this dream outfit I've been obsessed with the idea of getting a pair of velvet chelsea boots. I think it doesn't help matters that a certain Ms. Chung, aka my current massive style crush, has them in about 3 colourways. I was really keen to add a pair to my boot collection but unfortch my wallet won't stretch to almost £300 bucks for a pair. Try as I might to make it.

So it was with glee that I clapped my eyes on this pair:

Ah ASOS, delivering again with a very similar looking pair; it's clear to see the difference in quality when the images are side by side but for less than a tenth of the cost of the Chilvers ones, these are a passable dupe and are very similar in shape; the ASOS pair aren't so high on the ankle which actually suits me better, given as I'm not blessed with Alexa-style, coltish limbs...they'll actually prevent my legs from looking too stumpy, I hope. I've actually bought these with the 20% extra discount that ASOS were running on Sunday, and they're yet to arrive so I'll have to review them again when they do; the danger with online shopping is always the colours, I find-they're called 'navy' on the site but I've bought shoes from there before named 'oxblood' and they've arrived and turned out to be an obnoxious shade of purple, so we will have to see when I can see them in the light of day as to whether they are a keeper or not. If they're anything but navy, they're going back-cobalt blue shoes? I think not.

Anyway, a little bit of a different post from me today but I thought it would be interesting to share these dupes as I did put a call out on the outfit post that featured the Chilvers ones, for any similar styles, and since I'd found a pair I thought it would be good to share! The ASOS ones are still available here, or, if you are a recent lottery winner looking to splurge, treat yourself to the real mCcoys here.

XO Amie
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