Charity Bargains

Miu Miu mary janes, £15, local hospice shop

Along with my £3 Celine smoking slippers, these Miu Miu beauties are probably the one of the nicest pairs of shoes I've ever found in a charity shop. Of course, I didn't go in looking for anything; chazza bashing etiquette dictates that the minute you think about actively 'looking' for something, you'll never find it. On the contrary, I wasn't even supposed to be charity shopping, I was going to the post office actually but since I was passing, thought I'd pop in. I also managed to find two tops in the same shop, but the shoes were certainly the highlight!

I love the shape, which is a little more 90's than I would normally choose but actually when worn, looks very current. They are the perfect fit, I am a half size in shoes ideally but these are a 36 and they fit like a dream. The block heel is the perfect height for everyday, I think I'll probably get more wear from these in the summer when I can wear them with bare feet, I tried them on with rolled up skinny jeans and a denim shirt and it really worked in an 'Alexa Chung' kind of way. And I think regular readers will attest, I'm very much of the 'when in doubt, channel the Chung' school of thought.

These beauts have barely been worn and I am thrilled to be able to add a pair of wearable designer shoes to my collection, and for less than the price of a Primark ankle boot. That's value! I was a little hesitant at first as these were over my normal charity shop price bracket (£10) but I loved them so much I knew I couldn't leave them behind.

Have you found anything in the charity shops recently?

XO Amie
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