Boots Cirque de la Nuit Bath Blogging Event

Wearing: ASOS peplum top (via charity shop) River Island hat, Zara trousers, Moda in Pelle block heel courts

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to a blogging event in the Boots store in Southgate, Bath. I traveled across from Bristol with my two blogging pals Jo and Victoria from She and Hem, and was pleased to see a host of beautiful blogging friends there already, including Steph from Stephanie Dreams and the newlywed Megan from Briar Rose, which is always a pleasure!

I wasn't sure what to expect at the event, billed as a 'Cirque de la Nuit" it promised a circus themed atmosphere with access to all of the makeup counters and on hand advice from the counter assistants. On arrival, we were treated to a huge goodie bag each, which was absolutely lovely, and given a brief introduction to the event and all the things the different counters had to offer. In addition to this there were glasses of fizz and nibbles; which of course we headed straight for!

I decided to potter around and have a look at all of the different products on offer and also use the evening as a chance to chat with the counter assistants about any particular skin concerns I had (mine are mostly issues regarding ageing). It was such a treat to be able to have all this advice on hand to myself, normally if I ever go to Boots the counters are quiet busy so it was wonderful to be able to chat to the assistants at leisure.

My first port of call was Lancome which is a brand I've always enjoyed using; ever since my grandma gave me a Lancome blusher many years ago. I was especially drawn to the cult products that the brand is well known for, for example the Juicy Tubes lipglosses, which have really helped the brand to shed it's 'more mature' image of the last few years. What I like about Lancome is that it is a brand with heritage and history, but it isn't afraid to embrace the modern woman and envelop current trends and styles within its products.

After looking at all the lovely skincare ranges over on the Liz Earle counter, I was offered a hand and arm massage with some of the products on sale, so of course I jumped at the chance! I got talking to the lovely therapist Steph, who explained all about the brand, it's history and ethics. I actually didn't realise that Liz Earle also produce makeup, so I was really keen to have a look at all of the products on offer!

After taking some time to snap some pics and also grab a cheeky outfit shot (thanks Victoria!) we decided to head home, laden down with goodies and exhausted after a beauty-filled evening!

XO Amie
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