New Brand Discovery!

I love finding out about new brands, there's something so thrilling to me about discovering a brand which I've never heard of before. Especially when that brand's products are totally up my street! This was the case with French brand Nat & Nin which I was drawn to via their distinctive leather craftsmanship, like every girl I love a decent handbag and when a brand stakes a claim on this corner of the market and delivers the products well, you can't help but take notice.

Founded by sisters Nathalie and Ninny in 2005, humble upbringings in the family atelier ensured that their love for leather was deep rooted. Taking inspiration from Parisian styles with an urban backdrop, the cute names given to their bags belie their tougher exteriors and impeccable craftsmanship. Bestsellers in their range include the Zoe, Nicky and Polly, and their range includes a selection of accessories too!

What I really like about Nat & Nin is that they are playful in their use of colour as well as paying attention to functionality. As well as the classic shades of black, grey and tan, the girls also steer clear of boredom by injecting splashes of punchy coral and emerald into the mix.

This bag is the Charlotte which I think would make such a good overnight handbag, if I used it as a day bag it would probably get too heavy as I always tend to overfill my day handbags but for an overnight stay this would be perfect!

Have you heard of Nat & Nin before?

XO Amie
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