Real Techniques Brushes Review

Real Techniques Brushes by Samantha Chapman

As a real fan of the YouTube community, Real Techniques came to my attention as they are designed by Samantha Chapman, who's a beauty guru on the site. Not only that, pretty much every makeup tutorial I ever watch on there utilises these brushes-they've become something of a 'blogger's favourite.' 

I was keen to try them based on these recommendations and when I saw this starter kit on offer in Boots, I thought it would be a great collection to begin with. My current brush kit consists of several different (in size and age) brushes, my most used ones are a Lancome kabuki, a Lancome blusher brush, and an Estee Lauder foundation brush. The Lancome brushes I've had for absolutely years; which I suppose goes to prove the quality involved, despite being used every day they are still in great condition, so it will be interesting to see how these brushes compare!

This kit cost £21.99 (which I was happy to pay for with my Boots points!) and for that you get 4 brushes and a travel case. The brush that I was most keen to try (and had heard the most about) was the buffing brush, but you also get a detailer brush, foundation brush, and a blending brush. I think this is quite reasonable, as some Real Techniques brushes retail for around £15 on their own.

The brushes are really soft and apply makeup really well. I wasn't as enamoured with the buffing brush as I thought I would be; I used it to apply my BB cream but I didn't feel I got as good a result as I do with a foundation brush and my fingers! Hopefully when I apply proper foundation with it, it will look a bit more seamless!

I've also used the foundation brush and really liked that, it feels really weighty to use as well which is a strange thing to note but it feels really substantial which is a bonus! I'm yet to try the detailer brush or the powder brush but these both look really useful and I will probably use the powder brush for contouring which I am trying to get a handle on doing at the moment!

Do you use Real Techniques brushes? Have you got any recommendations or tips?

XO Amie
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