Holiday Travel Essentials: The Flight

holiday travel essentials
I thought it would be interesting to write a short series based around packing for holidays. I am hopeless at this and, as such, probably not the best person to write a post about it, but I am doing so in the hope that it will make me a better holiday packer in the future!

Rather than try and attempt to write about all the aspects of holiday prep in one post, I thought I'd start at the beginning: What to wear on the plane. I'm not a very good flyer and the last thing you want to be worrying about when the flight takes off is whether your clothes are too tight or you feel uncomfortable!

Wherever you're jetting off to, chances are, if you live in the UK, the weather isn't going to be sub-saharan, so I chose something that I would naturally wear to fly in; slim jeans, a slouchy tee, and a comfortable slipper shoe. I was always under the impression that flights were cold, but the last two trips I've been on I actually found the plane to be quite hot, so I think it's important to layer to prepare for both extremes. I should heed this advice as on my last holiday I wore a jumper on the plane with a cami underneath, with the jumper on, I sweltered, and in just a cami, I was too cold! It can be really handy (and comforting) to take a soft throw or blanket in your hand luggage too that you can use like a shawl if you do feel the cold (or cower under in terror during takeoff like I tend to do)

Of course shoes are really important and I would say that again, comfort is key. I like a good heel but I don't think I'd want to fly in one; these smart shoes by Vagabond at Spartoo add a touch of elegance to a basic look but aren't high maintenance!

As for accessories, I love the idea or adding an edge to a 'jeans and tee' look with a statement necklace, it adds a much needed touch of glamour. I would also of course wear my sunglasses to cover tired eyes, especially if I have decided not to bother with makeup for the flight!

What do you think would be the key necessities for a flight outfit?

XO Amie
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