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Metallic blend
I recently posted an "all-white" lookbook on the blog and I just had to revisit this theme to talk about my new favourite (if impractical) look, head to toe white. To  break up what can be quite an unforgiving shade, I've injected a dose of luxe with a scattering of metallic in shades of silver and gold. 
 I've been wearing a favourite look quite frequently of late which involves a white skinny chino, a bronze metallic sandal and either an oversized white linen shirt or a boxy grey linen blend jumper. This is both a simple and striking look and despite getting biro on my chino's hours into wearing them (it washed out don't worry!) I absolutely love the starkness of wearing pale shades and amping the look up with a touch of metal.

Of course I am always all about texture so the rips on these jeans against the simplicity of the silk blouse are right up my street!

What do you think of this look? Would you dare to wear all white?!
XO Amie
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Lou said...

I really love white but I'm notorious for spilling food down me and also matching my skin colour with such clothes. I couldn't pull off all white but I love putting it with bright colours for contrast!

Rebecca said...

I love white but I actually get scared to wear it incase of biro and food incidents haha!
Lovely post!

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