Come on, Vogue!

These pictures were taken on Sunday when I was asked to take part in a charity fashion show to support local independent traders on a street near where I live. If you like my Facebook page you might have already seen a snap or two; but here are the rest, mainly of my beautiful barnet! 

My hairdressers supplied amazing 'do's all round and the clothing was provided by local boutiques and, of course, charity shops! I was given this ah-mazing heart shaped beehive and, along with two other girls (proper models unlike me, the token 'normal person'; it was so Sex in the City, I almost expected them to ask me to head down the runway in a pair of spangly knickers, thankfully that didn't happen!) off we went, channeling the 60's!

I was so nervous beforehand but I suppose because I have danced a bit in the past and performed on stage and in shows, when you have to turn it on, you can. It's almost like becoming someone else, I can be confident and have fun faking being a model! I suppose because I've never done anything like this before, it was easy to be caught up in the excitement!

My dress was a rather natty vintage number in a very pepto-bismol shade of pink. I think it might have been a decade off for the 60's, (I'll have to check with Vix, my vintage holy grail) I'm guessing the long sleeves and polyester blend fabric (please stand clear of naked flames) make it more 70's but I'm not sure. Either way, it's not something I would normally choose as it is a really bright colour and not the sort of shape I would go for, but it's good to be pushed out of your comfort zone now and again, and looking at these pictures I don't think it looks too bad. I love the shawl collar and the pretty button-down front.

We walked the runway twice each and then we all trotted out in a line. I enjoyed it more the second time around after I rushed my first go, and then coming off the carpet I thought, oh, I actually quite enjoyed that! So the second time I was able to pose a bit more! Adrian was in the crowd snapping these pics but I didn't see him which I was quite glad of otherwise I would have probably been even more nervous!

The star of the day was my hair of course, doesn't it look amazing. I want to wear it like this all the time! It only took a whole tube of intensive conditioner to get all the backcombing out....!

XO Amie
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Vix said...

What an incredible hair-do! I love it. It's more Marie-Antoinette than 1960s, like a work of art. I bet it was devastating to let your hair down afterwards, you looked beautiful.
The dress is gorgeous, I love you in pink! xxx

hannah said...

Well done you for being so brave! You look beautiful :) I think that shade of purple really suits your skin tone, and your hair looks amazing! xx

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks a-may-zing and you're really rocking that Pepto-Bismol pink very well too. I'm guessing that the fashion show was taking place in Cotham Hill (I recognise the Dancewell shop.)

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