Gelish Nails by Bannatyne Spa

If you follow my Facebook or Instagram pages you'll probably know that I had some Gelish nails done a couple of weeks ago. I have never had these before but they are amazing. It's basically a polish that doesn't chip, sure enough, it's been about two and a half weeks since I had them done and they still look great. I just wanted to share them with you because I think they look so lovely! I chose to have black gel varnish as it's a colour that I can never get to look good when I do my nails myself, it always looks streaky! I also thought it looked really elegant.

I am now sorely tempted to buy a gel nail kit so I can re-create the look at home every couple of weeks, but without the running costs! I am so impressed with how these have lasted.

Have you ever had gel nails?

XO Amie
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