Homeward Bound...

Wearing: Primark peplum top, Cos chinos, Converse trainers, Mulberry bag

And that's the last of them! My holiday was fantastic and I enjoyed every minute of it. I hadn't been away for a good couple of years and I hadn't been on a plane since 2009 so I was pleased I even managed to get away at all...it was definitely worth facing my fear and it paid off, I had such a lovely time.

Most of these pics were taken on the last day and evening of our trip and we were rewarded with a gorgeous sunset over the harbour. Initially when we first got back the weather was dreadful but over the last week or so it's definitely picked up and that has certainly helped shake off the post holiday gloom. Here's hoping for a beautiful summer!

XO Amie
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Vix said...

The seagull picture is too good to be true, that should be in a exhibition!
So impressed you faced your fears and flew. xxx

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