What's in my bag?

This is a post that seems to be really popular amongst the YouTube community but I've seen a couple popping up on blogs so I thought I'd get mine in there too...the "what's in your bag" post. I dont know if it's my inherently nosy nature that loves reading about what people carry around with them or if I just like to get hints I can use to prevent myself carying everything including the kitchen sink around with me, but hey, whatever, I do like a good look inside a fellow blogger's bag so it's only fair that I share mine!

I have to confess that this is probably the smallest bag I own and thus becomes one of the most used. Adrian bought me this bag for Christmas 2012 and it's a Mulberry Congo satchel. I love it, for a couple of reasons: the size means that I am forced to travel light and the long scross-the-body strap means I don't get shoulder ache like I do when carrying a tote. It's made of super soft leather that is getting better with age, and the conker brown colour just seems to go with everything I wear.

Inside my bag I have the following....

A vintage LV wallet, which I bought from a charity shop for a bargain price...probably my best ever find. I've had this wallet for about 5 years I think, it just goes on and on and despite it beginning to look a little tatty round the edges I'll never part with it, if nothing else it fits everything in really well, and you know how hard it is to find a wallet/purse that does that!

My cosmetics, which change most days but always include this Body Shop Merry Cranberry hand cream, and usually a Glossybox perfume sample (they're so handy to just throw in there!) On top of this the only other makeup item I carry around is a lipstick, whichever I've decided to wear that day but this YSL one is a fave at the moment. I used to carry a huge makeup bag full of odds and ends with me but there really is no point, as the only thing I really worry about topping up is my lipstick, so that's all I need!

My phone, I seem to prefer android phones to the iPhone although I think they both have their perks. Mine does the job and I'm sure a lot more besides, if only I would take the time to work out all the features! I do listen to music on it now and then so these Sony Noise Cancelling headphones are really useful for that, especially if I am on a bus or train. My phone case came from eBay and needs replacing! They never seem to last that long although I've probably had this one about 6 months which I suppose is around average!

I also have a filofax type diary which I can't do without, I am always scribbling little notes or using it to keep track of birthdays etc. I've always been quite organised so this is a must have for me. I use this little Whistles card holder for things like tickets etc so they don't get swamped by all the other scraps of paper in my purse!

Obviously I also have a bunch of keys in here but I didn't feel the need to bore you with pics of those!

What do you keep in your bag? Do you think this is a good edit?

XO Amie
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