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Wow, this never happens...I'm actually posting a Glossybox review in the month that corresponds to the box I received! Basically, I think the boxes are normally sent out fairly late on in the month, I rarely seem to get mine much before the 22nd, so by the time I've unpacked it, tried everything, and taken some snaps, it's normally into the next month! However, being as this was a "Valentines" themed box I guess the Glossy team thought it pertinent for subscribers to reach the box prior to February 14th, and I did! What a nice surprise, although this does mean a longer wait for the next one, but no matter.

This box was a pretty good one, all in. I was worried there might be a naff product or two chucked in there to make up the numbers but actually the "themed" boxes are generally better than the bog standard ones. I was trying to work out when I began my subscription and it must have been around this time last year, sucked in as I was by the "Harrods Box" (you can read my review of that one here, and marvel at how much my photography has improved!) Happily, only one dud (for me) out of all the products on offer.

First things first: A Glossy love heart lollypop. Who doesn't love sweets? (well, me actually, unless it's chocolate. Not a fan of jellies/boiled sweets, etc. But Adrian is so this has gone his way!) This was a cute little addition and I saw a lot of tweets/instagrams about this so I'm guessing it went down well.

The next thing I got was a Micabella Mieral Blush pot in Sierra Suede. I've had a product from this brand before in another box, and whilst the product itself is really good (heavily pigmented, light, blends well) the pots are SUCH A FAFF to get the product out of. The item I had before was I think an eyeshadow and I'm not kidding, despite loving it, I rarely use it because it goes EVERYWHERE when I try. I fear the same fate awaits me when I try this blush out, but I will because I like blushers and usually wear a pink or peach whereas this is more taupe toned so I am interested to see how it looks.

Next up, a full sized lippie by Helen E cosmetics. This lipstick is more a russety red than it's showing up in the picture (reason why I'd make a hopeless beauty blogger No.56: I use a filter on all my pics ~fail.) but I really like it and I do wear lipstick most days so I am sure it'll get some use. I've never heard of this brand, for some reason I'm thinking it's inexpensive so I'm not sure what the quality will be like but you never know. So judgemental, aren't I! Just goes to show, you can fool people into believing you have an amazing product if you make the packaging look a little luxe. This isn't doing it for my inner snob, so there. Soz Helen.

Something that IS doing it for me, is the Narciso Rodruiguez L'eau fragrance, which I really like, so was pleased to find a cute little vial in my box. As with all perfume samples (apart from the Versace Veritas I got in my Harrods box!) you get about a squirt and a half in these little tubes but they're perfect for a handbag or seeing how a fragrance sits on your skin, more easily than having to pop to Boots on your lunch hour. I like this and I'll use it so that was nice to get.

The other product I was super pleased with was this MeMeMe Fat Cat mascara, simply because I've almost run out of my favourite, Soap and Glory "Thick and Fast" which I'd put on a par with the Dior Show I bought from Duty Free in 2010. Conversely that was free with a copy of Elle and it's served me well, but is almost at it's end, so this will be a good replacement. I think MeMeMe is a budget brand, correct me if I'm wrong, please, so this just cements my point above about the importance of good packaging because this looks posh and is aesthetically pleasing to me! I love the branding and the packaging (nerd) and I've actually used this (today for the first time) and can safely say I love it; inky black in colour and makes my lashes look very long. Win!

The final product was the old dud, there's one in every box, people will have different ones I'm sure but this was mine. In a classic old Valentines cliche, dear old Glossybox has flung a little tube of massage oil into the boxes to get everyone feeling the love. Not sure if that sounds right...well, I was hoping it would just be regular skin oil but on closer examination, no, this is warming body oil which, wait for it, is safe to eat and tastes of a pina colada. Of course! A classic Valentine treat for a loved one, an oily dose of pina colada flavoured skin. Hmm. Not sure how I feel about this, but I suppose they had to stick something a little fruity in there to add to the Valentines theme. I will probably try this out in terms of it being a skin oil; which I do use on elbows 'n' knees, so I will have to report back, but honestly, I'm a little frightened of it!

What did you get in your Glossybox this month?

XO Amie
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hannah said...

Lovely review!! I laughed out loud in places (the body oil - what were they thinking?! haha!). I too think that lipstick looks like a budget brand lipstick, and it is all down to the ugly packaging! It could be the best lipstick in the world, but that packaging is doing nothing for it! The mascara sounds fab, I'm always on the lookout for mascara reviews because it's so hard to find a good one! I'm currently using a YSL one that my mum cast aside as soon as she got it, due to the sheer amount that comes out on the brush (a real pain!). xx

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