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Wearing: Vintage jeans, Primark jumper and mittens, Topshop coat and hat, Boots c/o Clarks

On Sunday Adrian and I took part in the filming of a video for a friend who's music is incredible! I am not very down with music really unlike Age who is a complete music nut and runs a label, Howling Owl Records. The video we were filming was for a songwriter called Oliver Wilde and you can hear his music here. Our friend Junkins was the director ably assisted by his brother and they both worked incredibly hard through the day. It was a really long day, we began shooting just after 7am and didn't wrap it up until around 4pm. It was really exciting for me to be a part of it because I've never really done anything like that before, and I was the only girl there! But it was super fun and I took loads of photographs of all the filming taking place. I will try to share the video on here when it's finished, it was a real laugh and everyone tried their best to make sure the film will look amazing, there were no injuries apart from Joe who fell off his bike (see here) and I think everyone got a touch of frostbite on their feet but apart from that, it was a successful day!

It was also a great opportunity to take some snaps for my blog because we had the camera there anyway. Adrian took these pictures which I think you will agree, look amazing (not saying I look amazing but the pics are such good quality!) He has really started taking more and more of my blog pictures just lately and I must say the results are so much better than when it's just me faffing about with the tripod and self timer.

I wore the Topshop boucle coat that's appeared on here many times but Junkins asked me to so I was happy to oblige, it's one of my faves. The boots are from Clarks and you can shop them here. They are so comfortable! They're really soft and also such a lovely tan colour. They only downside is that they don't come in a size 3, or 3.5 which I normally buy at Clarks, and that makes these a little bit big! But hey, that's what thick socks are for!

XO Amie
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Me and Moustaches said...

Love the photographs, such a beautiful effect! Those socks peeking out are too cute :)

hannah said...

You always look so dainty and feminine, right down to your feet and those lovely boots! Sounds like an exciting kind of day :) just listening to the song you linked to now, it sounds so lovely x

Coleoftheball said...

This is such a cute outfit!!!! I'm trying to reach 100 followers by my birthday and I would love it of you could be part of it xxx

Ellen Grace said...

Filming a music video sounds fab, lucky girl! You look gorgeous, love the boots


Hanz, Fashionista Era Design said...

oh really fun pictures!!
New post abt the Dior collection is up! :D
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