Bowler and Brogues

Wearing: Gap shirt, Asda(!) camel coat, Primark skirt and tights, Topshop leather bow brooch, Zara brogues, H&M hat

Unusually for me I'm wearing all high street here! Normally there's a bit of vintage in there somewhere but today I based my look around this skirt, which is a tweedy one I picked up in Primark for a fiver, which I didn't think was bad considering it's wool! Hopefully it will last more than a season and it's something I can see myself wearing quite a bit as I love the colour. Conversely I planned to wear it with these tights which I picked up at the same time, they're the super cosy's which I know get a lot of blog love because they really are amazing, soft and so warm!

My coat is a blimming ancient number which I bought from Asda for twenty pounds before I even moved to Bristol so it's over two years old, but it's an ever faithful number which always looks good and keeps me warm, though the arms seem to be weirdly long this time round! I don't know if my arms have shrunk or I've become too used to a bracelet length sleeve but I kept pushing the arms up because they felt like they were hiding my hands!

The brogues are also new they're from Zara. I picked a few pieces up in the sales but I've been buying with the new season in mind and I know a pair of leather brogues are always a good investment, and these ones have the added bonus of a bit of studding. They were only £16.99 too which I thought was so good!

These photo's were taken on Sunday and I was actually going to blog them that night but I ended up not and then this week has kind of run away with me! Oh well better late than never I guess! The wind hasn't abated a bit since then either-pretty much every day I seem to get almost blown over! The weather is crazy at the moment, first all that snow, then rain, now gale force winds!

XO Amie

PS I am well aware I need to get my fringe cut, it's driving me crackers! Why is it that my hair grows sooooo slowly, then I get a fringe put in and it needs cutting's not even been 2 weeks yet!
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