Party With Phase Eight

When Phase Eight invited me to create my ultimate party outfit, I wasted no time in popping over to the website to see which looks I could pull together. They have a LOT by way of beautiful party frocks, from shimmering be-sequinned cocktail dresses to plunging necklined LBD's and flattering maxi's but I knew straight away to which section I would be heading: Collection 8. 

I wrote a post about this collection when it launched and from the word go, this grecian style embellished maxi dress had caught my eye. I love the way it is so different from a stereotypical "party season" dress, in that it lacks sequins but still packs a high octane punch with that wonderful gold braiding detail to the decollete and waist-whittling panels down the front. The cheeky little slit at the bust ramps up the sex appeal without feeling like everything is on display (especially if you aren't blessed with many wares, like myself!) and the drapy chiffony skirt adds that ultimate glamourous "swish-factor"

A dress like this is such a statement that you really won't need to add much to it in the way of accessories. Now, I'm loathe to cover it with anything, additionally, but as we all know, winter in the UK is not conducive to wearing bare arms, so, from the car-to-the-party I'm calling on this angora bolero to beat the chill without drowning or covering up the detailing or lines of this gorgeous piece. The fluffy angora will keep out the cold whilst lending a nice textural contrast to the gossamer folds of the maxi. It is easily shrugged off once inside but could be kept draped over the shoulders if needed for a totally foxy winter warmer. I mean, nothing kills a look like dumping your old winter coat over it, but why should we have to suffer the cold? Embrace it in the correct occasionwear!

As for the finishing touches; I felt a court would be too heavy for a dress like this so prep a pedi at the ready to reveal your tootsies in these burnished gold sandals. They'll compliment the gold tones in the dress's embellishment and accentuate, rather than overshadow it. Moreover, they're the perfect "dance all night" height; no need to remain in your seat in these beauties, they're made to burn the floor!

A bag for evening should always be demure and fabulous, and this Nugget clutch ticks both those boxes with aplomb. Who wants to carry their life around with them at a party? Keys, phone, lippy, mints: sorted. And sophisticated in this pouch to boot!

There will always be some sort of jewellery in any of my looks, and for this one I've chosen a simple statement bangle in tones that suit the look. Necklaces or earrings would be too much with this style of dress so a simple but beautiful semi-precious stone bracelet pulls the look together and adds to the feeling of understated elegance.

I adore this look and I would wear it with a splash of red lippy to a sumptuous Christmas party, at some sort of country house or other such elegant surroundings. I'd expect Adrian to scrub up and take me for a spin on the dance floor looking this glam, mind!

What do you think of the look?

XO Amie
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