Spoils from the Flash Sale

Wearing: Whistles silk peg trousers, Marks & Spencer knit, Betty London ballet pumps, Marc Jacobs watch, H&M faux fur stole

I absolutely love the brand Whistles, which, as I am sure most of you will know, is a high-end high street brand in the UK. Whistles prides itself on classic cuts, sumptuous fabrics and timeless pieces, which I think is why I love the brand, but sadly I can't always afford these wonderful pieces as they are a slightly higher price point than I can normally stretch to. 

I keep up to date with any offers or promotions from Whistles by subscribing to their emails, something I do with lots of my favourite brands, as you never know when they're likely to have sales or put promotions on; I like to be kept in the loop. So when an email from Whistles pinged into my inbox last week, I opened it to have a look, only to be greeted by the following: "FLASH SALE! All sale items £20 with this code" and then the code followed. Well, of course I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to score some lovely Whistles clobber at a paltry price point, so I had a quick look and managed to grab a few bits-before the website crashed completely under the weight of all the email subscribers clicking through! There were so many amazing things-£95 dresses, £125 jackets, silk blouses, trousers, heels....I could have gone mad, but I didn't because a) I can't really afford to and b) the website wouldn't let me!

I managed to buy a pair of "collette" sandals (thinking ahead to summer '13!) which were £145 down to £20 with my code, a pair of high waisted, skinny jeans (£80, down to £20) and these lovely lovely striped silk trousers (£125,down to £20). I feel so lucky that I was able to get these bits and I think it's due in part to the fact that I got the email very quickly after it was sent, so I was able to log on quickly. I checked back about an hour later and pretty much everything had gone, so I think I just lucked out, but it's definitely worth signing up to the email updates from stores you love, I think, so that you have the chance to take advantage of offers like that.

So, bargain trousers of the day! Only problem is they're dry clean only but I am going to use my usual tac of wearing them a couple of times, and then airing them/spot cleaning as needed. I'm hardly going to run marathons in them so as long as I don't drop my lunch down them, I should be ok!

How cute is this jumper as well? I found it in the Marks&Spencer sale a few weeks ago for £10. I love the shape and even though it's got red in it, which is a colour I never wear, I actually really like the red in this top-if that makes sense! I added my favourite faux fur stole for a bit of warmth and finished the look off with my fave Betty London toecap ballerinas. Classy and elegant-at least that's what I am going for!

Do you subscribe to many email newsletters from your favourite brands? Which ones do you find worthwhile?

XO Amie
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Style At Every Age said...

Great pictures. Love the Whistles bargain!

Sophielou said...

This outfit is amazing, you look beautiful! xxx


so pretty (:

danielle p. said...

love those trousers! always nice finding something at a great bargain!

Stephanie said...

Lovely outfit! These pics are so nice too :)

Maureen W. said...

Great outfit! Love it! :)xx


Desdemona Vintage said...

love the trousers and flats, very french!

(maybe you would like to take a peek at my blog.... www.desdemonavintage.blogspot.com )

SHOEGAL said...

Fab sweater and I think it might be about time to get my faux fur stole out. Mine's H&M too so it's quite similar to yours.

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