Ripped Knees

Wearing: La Tennace ballet pumps, The Gap skinny jeans, Quiksilver blouse, Vintage cardigan

I have such a funny relationship with jeans. I find it hard to find pairs that fit well, and because I wear them for work ever such a lot, they rarely feature in any of my "off duty" looks. I feel my style has evolved to be quite feminine; I wouldn't say I was a girlie dresser but I do like to look elegant and tend to think jeans jars with that ideal.

Ripped jeans even more so; so it's ironic that my favourite pair of the moment should be these faded blue numbers. They do fit so beautifully and I actually like the edge that the shredded knees gives to the classic white blouse and cashmere cardi combo, which could be a little twee (spesh with those ballet pumps, battered though they are!) 

In a twist on the classic mani I tried the much adored reverse manicure which I'd seen on a few style blogs, I did it using a bit of sponge which I used to dab the colour on to the ends of my nails, it was actually super easy and I think it looks really nice!

I am currently reading "Luella's guide to English Style" which I picked up in a bookshop in Weston last week for £2.99! It's a really good book by fashion designer Luella Bartley, and it focusses, as you can imagine, on English style and what makes it so special. It's such a good read I'd highly recommend it!

So, this look is definitely what I would consider a "classic with a twist." What do you think?

XO Amie
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Vix said...

Happy birthday for yesterday, Babe!!! I love a classic pair of ripped jeans and yours suit you down to a tee. That bangle is breathtakingly lovely! xxx
PS A festival with you and Ade would be ace, maybe we should try for next year? x

Kristian said...

Love the simple, classic shoes in this.

Unknown said...

I love ripped knees! Ripped jeans even more...

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