Loafers, Overknee Socks, Skirt, Jumper: All French Connection c/o Sure Fashion Refresh

I actually happen to use Sure deodorant, so when I picked up a can the other day, and noticed that there was a competition going on, in which you could win a French Connection outfit by entering a code from the pack, I thought, I'll give it a whirl. I picked the outfit I liked best from the selection of 10, whacked in my code and promptly forgot about the contest-I never win anything, seriously! So you can imagine my delight when I had an email through saying I'd won! There was an outfit up for grabs every day (there still is, until the end of the month, so have a go-I'm proof you can win!) so I suppose by chance or luck, my number was drawn and I won the outfit I'd chosen.

The story didn't end there, though-I took delivery of a box a couple of weeks later but sadly my excitement was short lived as it seems they'd got my prize mixed up with someone elses, and all the wrong things were sent through! Not to worry though; I made a tentative call to French Connection, not expecting anything, and they were so helpful and sorted me out with all the right stuff. So keep your eyes peeled for these lovely pieces popping up in outfit posts very soon!

I have had a fab day today hanging out at Bristol Fashion Week, and I'll be posting my pictures from the day very soon, so keep popping back!

XO Amie
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