Carter's Steam Fair

I've been storing up these pictures for about 3 weeks waiting to share them with you! On my mum's birthday we spent the day in Weston where they are living and my mum mentioned to me that Carter's Steam Fair was in town. Of course we decided to take advantage of the glorious sunny weather and go and have a look around. 

Carter's is one of the premier vintage travelling steam fairs in the country, and though it does tour around quite frequently, I've never been lucky enough to visit until now. All of the rides and the decor are hand painted and they really are stunning, much more visually enticing than all of the bog standard funfair signage and displays that are more common in modern fairs. There was so much to look at-from the traditional and hand restored "Gallopers" that have provided the backbone of the fair since its inception in 1975 to the Carter's Vintage Arcade swoop, the brightly painted stalls selling hot doughnuts and candy floss, and the Chair-O-Plane and Son of Striker.

Of course the fair has embraced some modern day elements;  the prizes available on the hook-a-duck game wouldn't look out of place in any toyshop, but the whole feel of the fair was that of a vintage, family run affair, with all the pieces lovingly cared for, clean and exciting to view. Instead of the techno music that normally pulsates from modern day fairgrounds, the beats of 60's pop and rock and roll music filled the air, lending to the whole 'heritage' feel of the scene. 

I had such a lovely time visiting the fair, despite not attempting any of the rides I took the opportunity to snap loads of photographs, a few of which I've shared here, and just generally soak up the atmosphere of this amazing travelling piece of history.

XO Amie
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Rosie Savage said...

Ah, that looks and sounds amazing!

Rosie x

hannah said...

It sounds like you had the most perfect day, ahh :) it looks delightful too, the carousel, the colours, the vintage feel to it all. I am envious - I will be keeping an eye out for this fair in the future! x

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