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Now, everyone who reads my blog MUST know by now that I love a little bit of TK Maxx. Preferably on a rainy weekday morning, when the store is tidy, quiet and easy to shop. I don't mind weaving my way round a granny or two, but TK is a place best avoided on a weekend or even school holiday afternoon, filled as it is with sharp of elbow bargain hunters looking for the next great pick. On a Thursday morning, however, it is normally a peaceful hub of tranquility-as much as a store like this can be-and it was this scene that greeted me on a visit to my local branch this morning.
As is always the way I had only gone in to exchange a tumbler I bought last week. Those who follow my Instagram will have seen me tweet a few pics of some gorge glasses I picked up in store recently, but I hadn't noticed one of them was chipped so I popped back to exchange it. That done, I thought I'd have a little browsy of the clearance section; buoyed by the "Almost Free" posters in the window. Really? Never seen a sale poster saying that before; and ever keen to sniff out a bargain, in I went. The really really "el cheapo" stuff was yellow ticketed and grouped away from the mainstay of sale product, jumbled on to a couple of round rails and a rather weary looking dresser stand. Ah well; all the better for rummaging through. Pickings were slim but I managed to unearth a few treasures which I will share with you here!
Something that avoided the photocall was a large cream pillar candle. I love candles and often light them in my home to give a cosy feel, or a nice smell if they're scented! I found a huge church style candle for £1 so that went straight in to my basket.
The first mega find were these Moschino sunnies which, despite retailing at £149, were priced at a measly £5. Of course I tried them on to make sure I didn't look a complete wally (hopefully I don't!) and decided to get them because my Primark wayfarers have fared their last (the arm snapped off, this is the second pair this has happened to!) and my other oversized Primark sunnies got left in the sun at my mum and dad's and the paint has begun to peel off them. So a replacement was in order-and what a reasonably priced replacement at that!
Secondly I found an absolutely lovely dress by American Retro. I have heard of this brand before but I've never bought anything from them because they are quite pricey. This dress retailed at 160 Euro's and I paid £6 for it. I love the shape of it; it's quite sacky and loose with a vent back which has a lace infill. It's a really luxurious dress and I can see myself wearing it on a night out, or to a wedding or something like that. I'd actually even wear it with my leopard print sneakers and a denim jacket, it's really classic and is definitely something that will not date and I am sure I'll get loads of wear from.
The most expensive purchase I made was this leather jacket from Diesel. I hesitated over it because it had got quite grubby, I assume from just shop soiling, but when I tried it on, I knew I couldn't leave it behind. It's made of the softest leather I've ever felt-it's like silk and it drapes beautifully. I love the colour-though totes impractical-and the asymetric neckline and mandarin collar make it a shape and style that I will wear for years. It's not branded apart from a small metal tab on the back of the neck, and the clean lines and simple shape of it were what really drew me in.
The price was ridiculous really....this beautiful leather jacket cost me £22. £22! I can't believe I considered not getting I've got it home and put it on I have fallen for it all over again. Would you like to know the original price? I almost spat my tea out when I uncovered it...£532.79. Yes, you have read correctly, the jacket originally cost over five hundred pounds. Even if I won the lottery I don't think I could spend £500 on an item of clothing. But £22, well, I can take that.
So thanks, TK Maxx, for lightening my wallet once again but also for providing me with some lovely, staple classics that I will wear and wear. I implore all of you who live near a TK, if you can bare a rummage, go and see if you can find a bargain!
What's been the best thing you've ever found in TK? I think this jacket is probably it for me!
XO Amie
OH PS: Anyone got any tips on how to clean leather? I will probably just stump up taking it to a leather cleaners but are there any (safe!) tips I could try?
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