GlossyBox Review - July Box

You may remember from this post here that I really struggled to get excited about my June Glossybox. I felt the products hadn't really been thought through, it all seemed a bit rushed and to cap it all, it was very late in arriving so I had got high hopes which were then dashed by the lack of quality items inside. As predicted, I've barely used any of the contents-the Glossybox's own brush has languished unloved and unused next to my trusty Lancome ones, the foundation sample kit hasn't even been opened, and I have filed the HD Brows tweezers in my "use one day" pile. The Caudaulie fragrance surprisingly I haven't used much of, I thought this was a winner but I will probably see if my mum wants to try it as I'm not sure it's for me. I have used the bronzer pot I received, mind-but I used it as a countouring blusher rather than an all-ovr bronzer as I felt that it worked better for me that way.

July's box had some work to do to restore my faith in the Glossybox brand and I am happy to say it's done so. Whilst probably not the best box I've ever had, it was a pretty good one and the products inside are ones  I will definitely use. My favourite product has to be the Jelly Pong Pong lip frosting, which is sort of like a lip gloss with a hint more colour and the most divine smell ever! I just want to eat the whole tube-it tastes and smells like cake! yum yum!
I got the Bex London fragrance sample N9 in my box too. Bex London isn't a brand I've heard of before but the scent is intriguing and I love the graphic design on the package. It's a nice nod to London 2012 too; that's everywhere right now, of course, so why not include it in our beauty regime!?
The full sized product I received was a Paul Mitchell moisture mist. Initially I assumed this was just for hair but on closer inspection I read it can be used on the skin too. I'm looking forward to trying this out.
The Monu night renewal complex cream is lovely but I will need to be sparing with it as this is the second Monu product I've recieved from GlossyBox and the first, a quenching moisturiser, was too rich for my skin. I gave it to my mum to try and she really liked it, so I think I will give this one a go over a few nights and I can always see if mum would prefer it if I am not feeling it!
I also received a NUXE dry oil for face, body and hair. I haven't heard of NUXE before but this is one of the reasons I signed up to GlossyBox, because I'm not very down with beauty products and brands so I figured it would be a good way to introduce myself to things I might not have come across before. In my May box I got a small tube of Berbier (sp!?) hair oil which I absolutely fell in love with and will probably buy in full size, and I had never ever heard of that brand pre-GlossyBox. So it is useful in some respects! Hopefully this oil will be as nice as the one I tried previously.
I got a bonus product too, which was a sachet of various Elizabeth Arden creams. I don't mind getting sachets like this in my box because I know this service is a sample box service so I shouldn't expect to get full sized products or even anything other than a basic sample, but when these sachet samples are included as extras it makes the whole box feel more luxe as this is what I would consider a 'true' sample to be.
In sum, I was decidedly happier with this box than my June one. I used several of the products immediately-compared to my June one of which over half the items I received are still untouched-and I have really loved the products that were included. Let's hope August's box is as good!
Do you subscribe to GlossyBox, and did you receive this box? What did you think?
XO Amie
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Abbie said...

looks like a fab mix of stuff! soo tempted to subscribe! x

Style At Every Age said...

I love Nuxe but didn't get it in my box! Gutted! It was my first box and I loved it! Agree about the lipgloss its gorgeous x

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