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Firstly, apologies for the picture-heaviness of this post! I am still too bunged up to take any decent outfit pics and to be honest, the weather is so atrocious I am wearing all but my winter wardrobe so there really is nothing interesting to see on that front! 
Instead I thought I'd share with you a brand I am really into at the moment; Cos. I first heard of Cos when I went up to London with Adrian in 2010; part of the Hennes group, they cater to a slightly pricier market point and their demographic is perhaps a little more classic that you may expect to find on the high street. I went into the Covent Garden branch and could, quite simply, have gone mad, but I restrained myself and just bought a double layer vest top which I still love and have worn to death, it looks as good as when I bought it and it's such a nice shape; it's so much more than a basic which I think is the aesthetic of Cos; what appears to be basics in the outset turn out to be so much more. As I've got older, (fast approaching the final birthday of my twenties, eek!) I find I'm leaning towards a classical, simplistic and chic style which I would have rebuffed in my earlier years as boring, but actually now I yearn to achieve this look on a daily basis. I try to inject a little bit of my own quirk into looks with a statement accessory or key piece but I have to say, I am coveting the entire Cos collection right now and I could see each of these pieces working well with my existing wardrobe. I am seriously turning out my wardrobe at the moment, I've got rid of shedloads of things and am feeling all the better for it-I can see what I've got for once! The things that remain 'keepers' all have a similar vibe in common: they are all clean, classic pieces with strong lines that really 'work' for me. Navy shrunken blazers, leather bikers, slim cut tux pants, luxe drapey jerseys and oversized blouses. Cos seem to have tapped into my mindset in this regard and produced a collection of which I want every piece. I didn't even know that they were even online; when I paid a visit to the store 2 years ago I think they we're quite new as a brand and as such didn't have many stores or an online presence, but I am so happy this has changed! (well, my bank balance won't be!) An hour's browsing of the website led my wishlist to total over £250 and I'm not going to lie, come payday some of these pieces will be mine! (particularly: the hinged ring and bangle, the block print sweat, the grey marl speckle dress!)
Which pieces do you like best? You can shop the Cos collection here.
XO Amie
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