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I have been thinking about an 'investment' piece for a while now, and I've set my eye on a Mulberry. Now, they are obscenely expensive, this I know, but I really would love to have one. I did think about a 'classic' Mulberry-the Alexa, the Bayswater, the Tillie, even the Del Rey now....but their popularity is reflected in their price and whilst I would be willing to pay a substantial amount, I would wince at spending, say, over £250 on a bag, even if it is for life! Step forward, then, this "Rosie" satchel. I love the quilted nylon and chain strap detailing-plus the lovely navy leather trim. I think this would look really statement with all the simple clean lines I'm coveting at the moment-we all know I love a bit of contrast!
This bag is on the Mulberry website for £210, which is way out of my reach but possibly the most within-reach of all the bags they have for sale! ha! Would you ever buy a designer bag?
XO Amie
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Celia said...

Funnily enough I was looking at the shopper version of this bag earlier on today! I've got my eye on a lovely Marc Jacobs bag at the mo...hoping with enough hints I might receive it as a present in the not too distant future!!x

hannah said...

I think a designer handbag is definitely worth investing in :) it's worth taking plenty of time over deciding which one it should be though! I currently have two Luella handbags, and I coveted them for so long! They were both birthday gifts, but I would definitely save up and buy myself a designer handbag :) for labels who are no more, like Luella, Ebay is a fantastic place!! You just have to make sure you are getting a genuine item - there are handbag forums all over the internet who will authenticate the bag for you even just with some pictures :) I think the Mulberry is very good value for a Mulberry bag! xx

Style At Every Age said...

I can't carry a cheap bag, I just can't tried many times but don't get out of the house. I try and get them in the sale if I can. Got Alexander Wang Rocco on sale last year for under £500 and still love it x

Stephanie said...

Owning a mulberry bag is the ultimate dream! I've been browsing through their sale and kidding myself that I'd be able to save for one! xx


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