Stripes and Floppy Hats

wearing: Gap jeans, blouse and sweater, La Tenace ballerinas, Primark hat

Ah, June. This weather is making me stress because I want to be wearing skirts and bare legs but in actual fact I am having to wear jeans and knits, and even my floppy old winter hat has made an appearance. I am bored of this rain now but I feel lucky that I've not suffered in the flooding like some others have. It's cold too; I'm back to wearing layers and even hugging a hot water bottle of an evening (I refuse to put my heating back on!) 
I've been SO busy with work that I haven't yet had time to organise my giveaway but that will be coming soon. I hope the good weather makes a return to form ASAP so I can start making my outfit posts more interesting!
XO Amie
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Kim said...

Ah your hat is amazing :) I really want a big floppy hat but I never seem to wear hats :( I have a huge head! haha x

Sophie said...

I love the floppy hat on you, it really suits you!

Vix said...

That's a lovely outfit, Amie! The knitwear's a pale enough colour to look summery even if the weather outside's anything but! I admire your ability to go bootless, I'm in knee highs today! x

Rebecca said...

Lovely outfit! That hat looks great, I love it! :) x

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