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Wearing: Zoe Karssen Tee, House of Harlow ring, Vintage tux pants, Topshop heeled loafers

Well would you look at that-I'm wearing heels! It's been a while but I have finally found the perfect shape, style and height for my in the form of these "Graze" crepe heeled loafers from Toppers. I actually snaffled them from eBay for £11 which is a darn sight cheaper than the £65 I almost paid for them in store last year. They're so comfy, with the crepe heel and soft suede uppers. It's love! I'm not sure how long I will be able to wear them for before I get a backache, however these trousers demand a heel so I had to go for it with them. They're vintage tux style trousers I picked up in a Devon charity shop for a few pounds, they're the best fitting trousers EVER and one of the only survivors of a black trouser cull I had in my wardrobe a few weeks back. I can't get rid of them because they're so perfect for me! 
So being as my blog is called Credit Crunch Chic, I often get asked how I can afford to buy more designer and branded goods (I do have expensive taste unfortunately for me!) My secret is never to be afraid to be a sale shopper, there's no shame in it and why wouldn't you wait to get something for a little less money, or with a bit of discount? This has always been my mantra right from the time that the only place I could EVER afford to shop was Topshop-I'd still wait for the sale. There was always something so much more satisfying for me, being able to come away with more product for my money, maybe an extra pair of shoes or another top, than simply spending all my hard earned cash on one thing. That said, I will still happily pay extra for quality or something I particularly love-the important thing is to keep your eye's peeled for any special offers and make the most of them. Case in point in this outfit: House of Harlow ring, was £35 I paid £17. Zoe Karsson Tee was £60 I paid £22 (both from Harvey Nichols). Also eBay is a great resource to look for cheaper versions of designer items or even high street bargains like my Topshop shoes. 
I am currently hanging out at home in my trackies as I have a hideous and vile cold which is making me feel quite disgusting (which is why there was no post yesterday-I could barely move!) So it's not enough that the weather has gone all autumnal, I'm also getting my winter cold too!! Great! Not!! 
XO Amie
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