Vintage Midi

Wearing: vintage dress, River Island shoes, Primark orange bra and sunnies!

Ahhh today was soooooo hot! I'm not complaining mind! It gave me the opportunity to wear this lush vintage dress I've had kicking about for a couple of months. I'm not sure which era it's from, perhaps the lovely Vix can tell me? It looks very similar in shape to one that my mum gave me, which was hers from the sixties, so perhaps it's from a similar time. It has full length sleeves which flare out into a hippy dippy bell shape but I rolled them up as it was far to pleasant for long sleeves today.  I spent the day in the garden with Adrian, him working on some illustration and record lable stuff and me reading a biography about Liz Taylor. Lush. Age had to chuckle at me with my brolly (cheeky kid took this instagram snap without me knowing!) but I was melting and despite being good and putting suncream on I needed to make sure I didn't burn (I do burn quite easily) so I yoinked out my umbrella to act as a makeshift parasol. We ate lunch outside and then just relaxed all afternoon, finishing our day with a stroll around the harbourside in the balmy evening air. It's been so lovely! I hope this weather continues!
Hope you've all enjoyed your day too and have a great weekend!
XO Amie
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