Shoe Haul!

Abe Chelsea Boots and Vectra Slipper Pumps, both Topshop. Leather Snaffle Front Block heels, vintage.

The lovely Stephanie of Stephanie Dreams requested a close up of the Chelsea boots I was wearing in yesterday's post. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you the latest addition to my shoe collection. I bought the Chelsea boots from Topshop along with the studded slipper pumps which I have been looking at for ages and finally decided to get because they're really comfy and also really flattering. Can't wear them much in this rain mind!
I also found these lovely vintage block heels with a gold snaffle trim and nabbed them for about £8 on eBay. Funnily enough they're better quality than probably both Toppers pairs and are really classic and I know I will wear them a lot. I love them!
I don't really have that many pairs of shoes, I am quite picky when it comes to footwear and as such I probably have about 20 pairs. Which actually seems quite a lot! But I know some people have pairs into the hundreds so that doesn't make me feel so bad!
How many pairs of shoes do you have? What are your favourite pairs at the moment?
XO Amie
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daisychain said...

LOVE the studded pumps x

Paint it Black said...

Great little haul hun I love the studded slippers very you and such a cute colour xoxo

jennie said...

LOVE the topshop studded slipper pumps, so cute! xo

Unknown said...

ah love the shoe haul x

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Thanks for the little mention lovely, very nice of you! Thanks for sharing too, I love the studded pumps, they look gorgeous x

Samantha Holden said...

I have just put together a blog about the essence of shoes delves into the point you've made, i have a rather nice autumn green high heels with a bow these are my all time shoe love up till now. quite liking the pink studded pumps rather quirky :)

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