Tighty Whiteys

I don't really care for white jeans...years ago my friend Laura and I decided that every pair of white jeans had the "Elizabeth Hurley"s about them and so we were sworn off white jeans for life. Not that I don't love a bit of L.Hurl-I mean, the woman wore a dress held together with safety pins in the 90's and publicly binned her mattress after ex-beau Hugh Grant had a 'Divine' intervention-what's not to like, really? Now playing out her unlikely romance with Shane Warne over Twitter (I suppose it's quite sweet really; I tweeted this sentiment to Mr Warne and he re-tweeted me, which was pretty nice. And good for my traffic haha) Liz isn't snapped in her white jeans as often as she used to be. You'll remember the look I mean though; St Tropez (tan and location) styled up in super spray on white skinny (or worse, bootcut) jeans with a sparkly stiletto (or worse, ankle boot with Western leanings) and some kind of flimsy top completely unable to support her bosom (or worse, bikini top). This stylish fabrication would be topped off with lashings of mahogany tan, several coats of mazzy and a generously oil-slicked lip, not forgetting the obligatory bug eye sunnies. Now, our Liz has come far in her quest for style over the years and I am hoping she has left her WAGgy white jean tendancies behind her. But it's for these fash misdemeanours that a white jean has never been high on my list of priorities. Plus the fact that they're quite unflattering and let's face it, unless you ARE Liz Hurley, you probably aren't going to look that nice in them. Not to mention the (im)practicalities of them. 
I wouldn't call these jeans white, mind. They're certainly Ecru, or if you're splitting hairs, cream, but I feel more confident in these than snow white abominations. I was a little sick of blue or black denim, to be honest, so when I dragged these out of the depths of the closet it was with trepidation but also a little idea. I wanted to wear them with navy and leopard print, I don't know why but this was the combination that popped into my head the other night when I was looking at a navy blue scoopy work top and thinking what I could put with it to make my outfit less "wintery." I think they work ok. I like the fit and they're almost the perfect length (when I wear a sandal, they catch on my sneakers if I don't roll them up). I think I'll wear them  more during the summer months when I can put them with a nice Quiksilver silk blouse and cute sandals, I am so over wearing shoes at the moment and I can't wait to get my toes out! Come on summer!
What do you make of light jeans? Would you wear them?
XO Amie
Oh ps in case you are interested: jeans and top from Gap, pumps from Boden x
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Leslie said...

Can't even see your outfit! The lighting is so dark!

Leslie said...

Can't even see your outfit! The lighting is so dark!

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