Staying out for the Summer

Don't you just hate it when you get paid, and then you pay it all out on bills. This (sad face) is the prospect I am facing this month and so here it comes, the dreaded spending ban. However, I choose to look at this more as a "saving spree" because the minute I think to myself "spending ban" I just see loads of things I want to buy-it's like saying, you're not allowed chocolate, the first thing you think of is chocolate and wanting to eat it!
Anyway, I can hardly claim my dress busted the budget; I nabbed it on eBay for 99p. It's Quiksilver Women's and as all my regular readers will know, this is one of my favourite brands. I'm not sure if I've showed you yet but I got a blouse in the same fabric, in the same style with the bib and pocket and I adore it, so when I saw this bargain whilst browsing eBay I knew I'd have to risk a bid. It's just lovely and it's candy striped and cute. I knew that wearing it with pumps might be a bit twee so I dragged out these faboosh chelsea boots which I bought whilst shopping at Bristol Fashion Week. Now, the shop I got them from is one I'm highly snobby about....*whispers*: Jane Norman. I NEVER shop there, safe to say I had never set foot inside a store until I spied these boots in the window, and unfortch I was proved correct about the quality of the clothing ranges on offer (not my cup of tea) however, these boots are amazers. Real suede and only £15 (in the sales mind.) I was pleased with them because I have been looking for some proper chelsea boots with the elastic inserts for ages, and they're so comfy and I like the shape very much. So well done J.Norm! I think they dress down this look nicely and add a bit of my boho/surfy edge to it. I added my leather jacket for warmth (not that I really needed it, though I will do soon I imagine as the weather is turning, boo) and a pair of vintage aviators.
I also wanted to show you this lovely Black Tied Jewels necklace I won in a contest run by the lovely Lindsey of Complacency Kills. I never win anything so I was super pleased to win this, it's lovely and I know it will go with so much of what I own as I love gold jewellery.So thankyou to Black Tied and Lindsey! I'll be writing a blog post about the necklace with better photographs soon so this is just a taste of what's to come! Needless to say I loved the necklace, put it on as soon as I unpacked it and haven't taken it off since!
Hope you're having a great weekend!
XO Amie
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Yasmin; said...

loove this outfit, how can you look so lovely with pictures taken from a lower angle? I'd look awful! ahh a saving spree, such a good idea!! x

Carrie said...

i like your shoes!!! they're cute. :D i actually them in black. at least i think they're somewhat similar. haha.

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Kim said...

Love this outfit, so simple yet stylish and I love the way you've dressed it up with the leather jacket. x

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Anonymous said...

Hiya. Love your blog and you take some fab pictures. Can I ask how you actually take your pictures? Do you take them yourself and with what sort of camera, I think I need a new one. I like that you buy clothes from ebay, I might do that. I've become a follower, I like your content and style. Check out mine if you like, im new to the blogging world. Ruby xx

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