OMG I love TK Maxx. Hudson leather brogues, £120 down to £30! I was loving my bargain find!
Sorry this is a super quick post but my brother whom I haven't seen since before Christmas has come up so we're off out for a meal. Have a lovely evening!
XO Amie
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Paint it Black said...

You should get an award for your bargaining hunting skills what a steal have a lovely evening xoxo

Stephanie said...

ABSOLUTE bargain! xx

daisychain said...

they were a bargain! amazing x

Vix said...

What a blimming bargain! You really do suit brogues! x

Princess and the pea x said...

Amie K your soooooo cute and pretty. Lovely outfit and great bargain lucky lady. You gotta snap things up In Tk rude not too xx lv lots xx

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