Vintage Appeal

Dress: Vintage
Coat: ASOS White Lable
Boots: French Connection
Cardigan: Vintage

You may notice my photos look different tonight! Well, hearing the news that my online photo editor, Piknic, is to close, led me to do a quick search for a new one. I like editing my pictures for the blog and spend bloody ages at it usually, and having the right software to do so is important for me! The site I found was called Pixlr, which funnily enough I am familiar with as I have their app on my phone. It's free to use and you can come up with some great effects on your photos! You'll have to bare with me over the next few days as I play about and find a style that I like. Hope you like these!
Wearing the warmest coat in the world-which also cost a fortune (the most I've ever spent on one item) which is this leather shearling aviator from ASOS White Lable, bought last year but it really does have to be freezing to wear it because otherwise I absolutely melt. However in cold weather it comes into it's own! Also  can't seem to get enough of this vintage midi at the moment which I am loving with knitted tights.
Guys can anyone help me locate a cheap pair of white hi top converse or equivalent? I have become obsessed with finding some but 'real' converse cost around £40 and I don't really want to pay that much....any ideas?!
XO Amie
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