Jumper, Chino's: Gap
Loafers: Zara
Necklace: Sakdidet Road
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelet: Luxla

I have been really careful about the jewellery I have been buying of late. I used to buy a lot of cheap fashion pieces from H&M, Primark, Toppers, and so on, which was fab for a high, fast fashion injection, but as I get older I am sick of cheapo jewels turning my fingers and neck green, and tarnishing the first time I wash my hands. I have very sensitive skin too; I'm sure I've already told you guys this but cheap earrings are a no no for any longer than an hour, and cheap rings are fine at the time but the following day turn my fingers itchy and weepy. Attractive! Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that I have been buying fewer pieces of jewellery but making more considered buys-i.e, pieces that have longevity both in terms of style and quality, not to mention value for money.
Case in point is this lush necklace from Danish brand Sakdidet Road. Available at Harvey Nichols stores, or online here, the pieces are mostly made of brass which is easy to clean and care for and will last and last. I love the gothic, grungey feeling to the collection which includes skulls, birds and feather icons. I chose this tiny skull necklace which has a definite luxe McQueen feel to it but is also quirky enough to appeal to my personal style. I can see I am going to wear this a lot! I love the longer length of the chain as well which makes it a really statement piece and adds a bit of punch to a plain sweater. The cost was also surprisingly pleasing; £25 for the necklace and I think all of the collection is price pointed at under £100.
It's all change on the weather front again; I can't decide if I'm coming or going at present, one moment I am flipping freezing and piling on the layers, the next I am prancing about in ballet flats and a sweater. I wish it would just make its mind up! Preferably: put the hot switch on!
Thanks for all the lovely comments you've been leaving me :)
XO Amie
PS Happy Valentines for tomorrow....hope you all get loads of cards :D 
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lucy jarvis said...

very cute outfit!!


Luxx Mint said...

Love the necklace, I will definitely check out that brand. I have a very similar Marc by Marc Jacobs skull pendant.

The doll on fashion

Vix said...

That necklace is a stunner, the quality speaks for itself. Well worth the expense.
With your earrings try painting the bit that goes through your ear with clear nail polish, that should stop any vile itchiness! x

Helen said...

I LOVE your style! That necklace is lovely, very McQueen.

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