Stripes Again

Jumper: Gap
Jeans: ASOS White
Boots: French Connection

These ASOS White jeans came into my wardrobe via eBay. I have a mild obsession with eBay, and now also just lately Etsy, which caters for more handmade and vintage gifts and unusual pieces than eBay in my opinion; I always find lovely unusual items of jewellery and accessories there. But eBay is great for grabbing bargains if you have the patience to search for them. It does take a bit of leg work some times but it can pay off, I belive these jeans cost a shade under £2 when I'd seen them on the ASOS website for around the £50 mark. They weren't very well advertised on the site so when I spotted them, whilst looking for something else (as is always the way!) I knew I would have a punt at them, and it paid off! What I love about them is that the waist is slightly higher, so they don't slither down to leave your ass hanging out (such a classy turn of phrase!) whenever you bend down!
The jumper is part of my work uniform-I am addicted to wearing it and I feel like buying it in the other colourway it comes in (grey and cream stripe) as I know I'll wear it and wear it, I've even been wearing this one outside of work which is the litmus test for uniform; normally as soon as I don't have to wear it, I don't, but this I just can't get enough of!
Hope you all have a smashing weekend! I am off to watch Crocodile Dundee, possibly one of the best films of the 80's-totes adore Sue's outfits throughout it all, especially her "slumming it in the bush" looks! And who wouldn't love Paul Hogan's craggy features!
XO Amie
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